Monday, October 17, 2016

The quest is on!

   I have some great news! We just bought a new Toyota Sienna mini van.
I have some bad news.  The mini van isn't wheelchair accessible...yet. I need $22,000 to have the van modified with a ramp system.
The van needs to go to Vantage Mobility to have the Northstar E360 ramp system installed.
We decided on the combination of Toyota and Vantage Mobility because it gave me the most room to maneuver with the least amount of things to go wrong and the Northstar E360 is an in the floor manual pullout ramp.
 As of now my mom and dad have to lift me into a seat in the van and lift my manual wheelchair into the back of the van. I can't go anywhere without both of them because it take the 2 of them to take care of all the lifting.  I need the van was modified because my body works better and has less pain in my power wheelchair.  I can't operate the manual chair by myself at all and I can get around in my power chair.
If you would like help me  I would really appreciate it.
You can PayPal me at or Go Fun Me at : Alex Finn 45840

My original goal was $50,000 to cover the van and conversion. My parents traded in their van towards the Toyota Sienna for me.  The 0.9 financing helped with financing the van. Now for the conversion!
If you would like to know more about me please read my mom's blog.

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